Hi, I'm Roshanda Pratt.

I founded The Rep Network as a way to help people find their voice and profit from it. I believe that visibility is power, and it’s my mission to help my clients uncover the true value of what’s in their “toolbelt.”

Before all this, I was a television news producer for 20 years. I felt uncomfortable with the idea of being in front of the camera even though I knew deep down that it was a calling for me. One day, I was standing in the studio listening to one of the anchors read my words on screen, and I realized how powerful words really are. It became clear to me that I was made for more.

My life didn’t change that day, but the seed was planted. I eventually left TV news and decided to bet on myself. Today, I’m a successful strategist, live stream, expert, and speaker—and it’s all because I chose to share my unique story and be my authentic self.

Everyone is constantly searching for the “secret sauce” in marketing, but I think it’s pretty simple: get in front of your people, and be yourself. That philosophy is at the heart of everything we do at The Rep Network, and I would love to be part of your storytelling journey!


I come from a rich tradition of storytellers, animated jokesters, and life-of-the-party types. My Trinidadian Grandmother was a masterful storyteller. As a child, I remember hearing her share tales about life in the Caribbean. She would act out each accent, pause at just the right point, always drawing you in emotionally. And then there’s my heritage of Calypso and Soca music, which is nothing more than storytelling through music. All of these influences helped whet my appetite of telling stories that sell.

My dad also played a big role in my development as a storyteller and journalist. As an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago, he reminded me about the importance of staying informed and the privilege of being an American citizen. It’s not very surprising that I pursued a career in TV news!


In addition to my on-camera work, I also enjoy an active speaking career. If you’re interested in bringing my media and marketing know-how to your audience, please send an inquiry to [EMAIL HERE]. A few of my most popular keynotes include:

Message In A Bottle

Using my story as a teaching device, I help audiences discover how to show up authentically to be seen and heard.

Sell Your Story

Facts tell but stories sell. Learn my secret to storyselling and how to monetize your story for impact and results.

A.M.P.lify Your Voice

This keynote helps ministry professionals explore how Jesus used biblical “media” to amplify his voice to the masses.

Now it's your turn

Storytelling transformed my life and business, and it can change yours too. Ready to take the first step? Click the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call. I look forward to helping you share your story!